Welcome to SAHCET

Welcome to the website of SAHCET, the Southern Africa Higher Christian Education Trust. SAHCET was born out of the need at Christian schools for educators trained from a Biblical worldview.

Since the concept of student teachers was introduced in South Africa in the late 1990’s, Christian schools have been running with it. Student teachers study at various universities across the country while being mentored at the schools.

The Christian schools grew from primary schools to secondary schools. Many of the schools have had Grade 12’s for a number of years now. Some offer the IEB examination, some Cambridge and others CAPS. As a result of good Grade 12-results, these schools started building a reputation over the years for educating solid citizens with quality education . Therefore their numbers began to increase.

The need arose for teachers trained from a Biblical worldview. Teachers who did not have to be retrained after receiving a secular education. SAHCET was born. Our purpose is to educationally equip each generation through a Biblical, Christ-centred process to fulfil God’s purpose.

Our Vision

The single greatest desire of SAHCET is to bring Glory to God in all that we say and do.

The Mission

Short courses are offered, both online and offline, to offer teachers, teacher interns and students as well as learners and their parents assistance.

For teachers, completing these short courses will help them in their educational practice and may also help in furthering their careers. Teacher interns and students will find valuable insight in their studies as well as develop new skills to help with their studies.

For learners and their parents there will be short courses to help with academic skills as well as personal development.