Dr Piet du Toit

Dr Piet du Toit has invested most of his life in education and specifically Christ-centred education.

He matriculated at Worcester Boys’ High School. Piet obtained his BA and Higher Education Diploma from the University of Stellenbosch. He received a BEd from UNISA and then his MEd cum laude from the University of Stellenbosch. Piet’s DEd in Educational Management is also from the University of Stellenbosch.

Over the years, Piet taught first at various schools and then moved on to teacher training colleges. This culminated into lecturing at various universities and the position of vice-chancellor at the University of FCE in the Copperbelt in Zambia. In between Piet has been providing Discipleship Mission Training courses through FCE and currently he is involved at the Haggai Centre for Teacher Development where they provide in-service training for teachers.

Dr Piet’s vast experience include working on the University of Stellenbosch ELTS team (Educaitonal Leadership Training Seminars), organising the National Christian Teachers’ Convention and study visits to the USA, Canada, India, Europe, Morocco, Australia and Israel.

SAHCET is priveleged to have Dr Piet du Toit as Director of Mentoring and WIL.


Find below a list of his publications:

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  • Du Toit, P.J. 2007.  Revisiting the foundations of education in Africa.  A history of education in Sub-Saharan Africa up to 1939.  Hebron Press: Rynfield, S.A.
  • Grobler, A & P.J. du Toit. 2008. Learning Area Methodology: Social Sciences, Creation (Natural) Sciences and Life Orientation.  Study Manual for Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 to 6).  Hebron Press: Rynfield, S.A.
  • Du Toit, Petrus J. Building from the ashes: Teacher training in Southern Sudan in Karras, K.G. & C.C. Wolhuter (eds.). 2010. International Handbook on Teachers’ Education Worldwide.  Training, Issues and Challenges for the Teaching Profession, Vol. I.  Atrapos: Athens.
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