Anke de Beer

Early Years and Education

Anke was born South Africa in Pretoria, but grew up on a farm in Brits, North West. She is married and has two daughters and one stepson.  Anke became a Christian when she was quite young. Her faith and dedication to know God and to serve Him have not waned. It also became the driving force behind the decisions she made regarding her calling in life. Furthermore, it influenced her education.

She finished Grade 12 in 1996 at the Afrikaans Hoër Meisieskool, Pretoria. Then she graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1999 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. After earning her Bachelor of Ministry at Christian Life Training, Pretoria, Anke worked at a Bible school. She was assistant to the dean for over 10 years. There she worked with highly gifted counsellors, intercessors, and Bible educators. Meeting with students in the Bible school, she realized that she could not help with their deep spiritual needs. So, she began to pursue a master’s degree in Christian Counselling, which she completed Cum Laude in 2004 from Calvary University.

Anke’s Personal Experience

Anke experienced family problems caused by Internet addiction. In fact, family relationships were seriously disrupted by a gaming addict.

During that time there was not a thorough understanding of the nature of Internet addiction. This lack of information developed into her calling to digital addicts. Anke subsequently pursued a Doctor of Philosophy degree on Internet Addiction, which she received in 2012 from St. Clements Private Swiss University. In the same year she received the Collin le Cornu reward for the best PhD student. She had an average of above 80%. To God all the glory! Anke discovered that every person is born into the world to fulfill a specific purpose in life. Through the grace of God, she recognized her unique calling.


Anke is a respected speaker, consultant, teacher, and counsellor. She speaks to parents, leaders, schools, teachers, and young people country wide. Her topics focus on the important issues of the dangers of the digital world. Whether it is gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or depression, Anke helps people to understand how technology addiction is affecting our brains. This has an influence on our grades, our concentration, behaviour and emotional well-being.

Growing need in Society

“Are Christians using technology to transform the world or is technology transforming Christians in unhealthy ways?

Christians need to be alert. “Are they using technology to transform the world or is technology transforming Christians in unhealthy ways?” As a reborn Christian, Anke understands the devastation to the human mind and spirit due to devotion to technology. The message of hope and restoration has not changed. Maybe circumstances have changed, and problems have changed. But the human spirit and man has not changed, and the Gospel has not changed.

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