Can you remember when your children were still small and they would incessantly ask why? Well, have you ever wondered about things? Understanding Biblical Worldview can help you with these questions.

  • Why are we here?
  • Where are we going… and consequences/results of not doing so?
  • What is true and what is false?
  • How shall we live?

Course Description

This course aims to explore life’s fundamental questions from a Biblical Worldview as an individual and a parent. The Course will introduce participants to what a worldview is, its importance and the different types there are before focusing on the Biblical Worldview. It will offer insight into the implications of living life from a Biblical foundation and not. The Bible is unequivocal about training our children and the course will through practical means draw the attention of participants to God’s idea about parenting from a Biblical Worldview. As a result of attending the course participants will learn more about themselves and their children.

Course Date

SAHCET will present Understanding Biblical Worldview as a Person and a Parent on 1 February 2024 at 19:00 as a 30 minute webinar. Interested people can stay and participate in a 30 minute discussion afterwards.

Linked to the webinar is a short e-course with much more detail that you can complete in your own time.

SAHCET awards badges for course progress as well as completion.


This course is free of charge. If you would like a certificate of attendance, there will be a small fee for that. 

Register Now for This Course

By completing the form SAHCET will enroll you in the course for Understanding Biblical Worldview as a Person and a Parent. If you do not receive a receipt for your registration within 3 days, please email You will receive notification one week ahead of the webinar. After the webinar, you will receive access to the e-course.

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