SAHCET offers a programme to assist schools in launching and running a mentoring programme for pre-service training.


The purpose of SAHCET is to educationally equip each generation through a Biblical, Christ-centred process in order to fulfill God’s purpose.

As such, discipleship and therefore mentoring forms an integral part of our work.

Tripartite Relationship

A tripartite relationship between the teacher intern, the school and the academic institution therefore forms the basis of the education of the teacher interns.

Academic Education

The academic institution can be any institution that provides a SAQA recognised BEd. Keep in mind that studying at secular universities encourages a dualism in world view. It makes the work of teachers in Christian education difficult. This is because the students do not receive comprehensive training in the basic philosophy of Christian education. Preferred providers include:

Mentoring and WIL

Mentoring and Work Integrated Learning is provided through schools found in the area where the student lives. It is important that students must be of benefit to their own community from the beginning of their studies.

Teacher interns must be committed Christians and agree to SAHCET’s Statement of Faith as well as Code of Ethics. They must also be studying BEd or be on a pathway to the BEd. This must be at a school registered with TKI.

Contact us if you are a student or potential student and would like to participate in a mentoring programme.

Facilitate Mentoring Programmes

There are two ways in which schools can facilitate mentoring programmes. All involved schools must have mentors. Then schools can opt to become a teacher-training site. A teacher-training site is a local school venue. Here teacher interns have access to computers, the Internet, assistance with their studies and discipleship. There will be a mentor-coordinator who is responsible for the teacher-training site. The mentor-coordinator is also responsible for the mentors that are part of the programme. The aim is to have one teacher-training site for a number of local mentoring programmes.

Contact us if you are from a school that would like to start a mentoring programme, become a mentoring site or would just like more information.