Zandi Gura

Zandi Gura is the Chief Financial Officer of SAHCET.

Zandi’s Objective

His objective is to change the landscape of the economic, health and higher education sectors of Africa by providing education and training programmes, originating, structuring, arranging and raising capital for infrastructure and real estate development for public and private entities on the continent.


Zandi received his BCom and BCom Honours from the University of the Western Cape. He specialised in International Finance, Investment Management and Financial Analysis.


Zandi Gura has experience as a managing accountant, in executive training and facilitation of accredited training programmes, as a trustee of the Rabboni School Trust, in directorship and consulting and work at various banks.

Zandi’s Skills

His skill set includes amongst others the following:

  • General strategy formulation
  • Financial strategy formulation
  • Presentation and facilitation of executive training programmes
  • Curriculum development and facilitation of Seta-accredited training programmes
  • Economic and industry research
  • Fiscal (public finances) analysis

Find Zandi online at Ziyanda Capital.

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